Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

"You have to coin new things": Gender and sexual identity discourses in asexual, queer, and/or trans young people's networked counterpublics.

Schudson, Z.C. & van Anders, S.M. (in press). Psychology & Sexuality.

Individual variation in gender/sex category definitions.

Schudson, Z.C., Beischel, W.J., & van Anders, S.M. (in press). Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.


Sexual and gender diversity among sexual and gender/sex majorities: Insights via sexual configurations theory.

Abed, E.C., Schudson, Z.C., Gunther, O.D., Beischel, W.J. & van Anders, S.M. (2019). Archives of Sexual Behavior, 48(5), 1423–1441. 


Heterogeneity in gender/sex sexualities: An exploration of gendered attractions to physical and psychological traits in women and men.

Schudson, Z.C., Manley, M.H., Diamond, L.M., van Anders, S.M. (2018). The Journal of Sex Research, 55, 1077-1085.


Gender/sex and sexual diversity via sexual configurations theory: Insights from a qualitative study with gender and sexual minorities.

Schudson, Z.C., Dibble, E.R., van Anders, S.M. (2017). Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 4(4), 422-437. 


Biological sex, gender, and public policy.

van Anders, S.M., Schudson, Z.C., Abed, E.C., Beischel, W.J., Dibble, E.M., Gunther, O.D., Kutchko, V.J., & Silver, E.R. (2017). Policy Insights in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences, 4(2), 194-201. 


A response to commentaries on “Beyond sexual orientation: Integrating gender/sex and diverse partnered sexualities via sexual configurations theory” (van Anders, 2015).

van Anders, S.M. & Schudson, Z.C. (2017).  Archives of Sexual Behavior, 46, 1547-1550. 


Switching between Mii and Wii: The effects of cultural priming on the social affective N400

Fong, M. C., Goto, S. G., Moore, C., Zhao, T., Schudson, Z., & Lewis, R. S. (2014). Culture and Brain, 2(1), 52-71. 

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